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Submission Guidelines for Japanese Religions

Guidelines for Authors (download PDF)



Submission of Manuscripts

Japanese Religions accepts only original manuscripts. They are to be submitted to the editor (either by post or e-mail) at the following address (Please indicate on envelope or in e-mail subject heading: “Manuscript submission for Japanese Religions”):
Japanese Religions, Editor
NCC Center for the Study of Japanese Religions
Karasuma Shimodachiuri, Kamigyo-ku
Kyoto 602-8011, JAPAN
Phone/Fax: +81-(0)75-432-1945

Manuscripts will be subject to peer review. All articles considered for publication are usually subject to editing (in style and content).
After acceptance by the editorial board, the author is encouraged to submit the revised version in a Word file.
Authors should provide contact details (including present affiliation, post and e-mail addresses).


Manuscripts should be written in English (either British or American English, but it should be consistent throughout the article) and should not exceed 10,000 words including footnotes and references.

The article should contain an abstract of about 150-200 words and 3-6 keywords.

It should be typed double-spaced throughout using a standard font (e.g. Times New Roman 12 pt.) with the right-hand margin unjustified. Margins of at least 2.5 cm should be left on all sides of each page. All pages should be numbered consecutively with Arabic numerals.

Provide section titles and subtitles where applicable, but capitalize only the first letters of the main words. Section titles and subtitles should not be underlined.

Quotations of more than two lines should be indented.

Footnotes should be numbered consecutively throughout the article.


References in the text should be by the author-date system with author’s last name, followed by date and pages, e.g. (Smith 1990: 22-44; Kakimoto 1988b: 153-157). Give both last names for a co-authored work (Paine and Soper 1955: 38), but only the first author’s name and et al., if there are three or more authors (Swayle et al. 1980: 25). Multiple references for a single author should be in chronological order, multiple publications in a given year being denoted by lower case letters (1990a, 1990b).

The article should contain a bibliography at the end, entitled References, with full bibliographical information on the works cited and/or used.  

Examples: (please view the PDF file "Guidelines for Authors")

Websites For references to websites, provide author’s name, title of work, URL, and access dates (but without hyperlinks).


Borggreen, Gunhild. “Japan in Scandinavia: Cultural Cliché in Receptions of Works by Mori Mariko”. Hz 4 (June 2004). (accessed February 2006).


Languages other than English

Foreign words listed in standard, unabridged English-language dictionaries are not italicized. Words that need italicization should be italicized consistently throughout the text.


For Japanese words use the modified Hepburn system. In order to facilitate the editing process, authors are requested to use the circumflexed vowels (e.g. â, î, û, ô) instead of macrons for long vowels in their manuscripts. The macrons will be restored in the proofs for authors and the final printed version.

For Chinese words use Pinyin. Provide Chinese and Japanese characters for romanized names and words. Names should be given in the order of the native language.

Please use the following abbreviations: Jp. (Japanese), Ch. (Chinese), Skr. (Sanskrit), P. (Pali)

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