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Cross-cultural communication
Report of Previous Semesters

Report of the Fall 2005 Semester
By Dr. Martin Repp, Coordinator

Regular Students
Kai Arne Olsen (Ph.D. student of Religious Studies, Tromso University (Norway),
Simon Paschen, student of Theology, Greifswald University (Germany)
Constantin Plaul, student of Theology, Göttingen University (Germany)

Students participating in one class of their choice
Prof. Dr. John Dougill (Ryukoku University)
Mr. ICHIKAWA Sadataka (Ph.D. student, Bukkyo University)
Mr. ISHINO Satoshi (researcher of the NCC Study Center
Ms. Agnoek Spranger (student of Japanology and Law, Leiden University, presently Kyoto University)
ISJP Orientation Sept. 20 – 22

Weekly Classes Sept. 27 – Dec. 2

Shinto: Prof. Peter Knecht (Nanzan University), Prof. Ogaki (previously Ise shrine), Prof. Sakurai (Kogakkan University, Ise)

Buddhism: Prof. Rhodes (Otani Univ., in charge), Dr. Anna Ruggeri (Kyoto Univ. for Foreign Studies), Rev. Teramoto (Jodo shinshu)

New Religions: Prof. Repp, Dr. Higashibaba (Tenri), Mr. Yoshinaga (Maizuru)

Japanese Church History and Theology: Prof. em. Mizugaki (Kyoto University), Dr. Awazuhara (NCC Study Center), Dr. Higashibaba (Tenri), Prof. em. Yuki (NCC Study Center)

Theology of Religions: Prof. Jan van Bragt (Nanzan Univ.)

Japanese Language: Ms. Tochihara

Extra-curricular Classes

Prof. Nakamichi (Kwansei Gakuin Univ.): Problems of Indigenization of Christianity in Japan)

Dr. Higashibaba (Tenri): History and Teaching of Tenrikyo

Prof. Michael Pye (Marburg and Otani Univ.): Interreligious Dialogue from the Perspective of Religious Studies (Religionswissenschaft

Enjoying a temple garden

Shinto: Yoshida Shrine and Shimogamo Shrine (Kyoto), Kasuga and Tamukeyama (Nara).

Buddhism: Shinnyo-do and Kurodani, Daitoku-ji, Tenryu-ji, Nishi Hongan-ji, Mr. Hiei / Enryaku-ji, Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji (Nara), Manpuku-ji.

New Religions: Tenri-kyo (Tenri), Soka Gakkai (Osaka).

Christianity: Anglican Church (Nara)

Special Events

The ISJP Special Lecture for fall 2004 was held in November by Prof. Michael Pye (Marburg and Otani Universities) on the theme Interreligious Dialogue from the Perspective of Religious Studies (Religionswissenschaft (in Japanese)


Mr. Simon Paschen spend some time in the Kyodan congregation on Sado Island in December 2005/ January 2006.

Mr. Constantin Plau spend his internship in Okinawa in January 2006.

Fieldtrip to Kyushu Dec. 5 – 11, 2005

Sponsored by Tomisaka Christian Center (TCC) and guided by Mr. Ichikawa (Ph.D. student, Bukkyo University)

At Seinan University (Fukuoka), Prof. Terazono gave a lecture on Japanese Theology. Afterwards, the ISJP students met with students of Seinan University for discussion and exchange.

Then they travelled to Nagasaki where they visited the memorial for the victims of the atomic bomb, the Museum of the 26 Martyrs, the church of Urakami, and other places.

Finally they visited Shinmei-san, a Catholic monastery engaged in interreligious dialogue and spititual exchange between Buddhism and Christianity. Fr. Franco Sotocornola S.X. and Sr. Maria di Giorgi S.X. gave lectures on their work. The students participated in the monastic life.

During the whole trip, Mr. Ichikawa guided the students with his expertise through various local cuisines, including horse sashimi on the final day on Kumamoto.

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