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Staff Members of the NCC Study Center

Chair of the Board of Trustees: Rev. Seki Masato



Director Prof.em. MIYASHO Tetsuo

Academic Director: Prof.DOI Kenji




Religious affiliation & occupation:
United Church of Christ in Japan

Academic Record:
M.A. Doshisha University, School of Theology
Ph.D. (Mythological Studies with Emphasis on Depth Psychology), Pacific Graduate Institute
Theme of the Dissertation: Beauty Never Dies: Images of Para-Reality in Japan

Field of Research:
Mythology and Depth Psychology
Mythological elements in films

“Shall we dance? Aphrodite’s Magic Words” – Archetypical Images in Film

Religious affiliation & occupation:
Christian, Baptist Church
Banker (retired) at Sanwa Bank

Academic Record:
Tokyo University, Faculty of Law
Graduation from Lutheran Seminary, Tokyo
M.A., Doshisha University, School of Theology, Kyoto (Theme: The mechanism of enculturation in Japanese Christian funeral services)
Graduate School of Rikkyo University, Tokyo

Areas of research:
Issues of enculturation of Christianity in Japan, Christian funeral services

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Religious affiliation & occupation:
Shingon Buddhism, Omuro school
Buddhist priest

Academic Record:
Master of Human and Environmental Studies, Kyoto University (Thesis: Funeral Customs of Common People in Ancient Japan)
M.A., Pacific Western University
Ph.D., St. George University International

Field of research:
Cultural studies of life and death; religion and social behavior
What is death? Death as a religious problem. Is there hope beyond the limits of death?
Meaning of death, overcoming the fear of death.

See our Japanese web site. TERAMOTO Tomomasa

Religious affiliation & occupation:
Jodo Shinshu Buddhism, Nishi Hongan-ji
Buddhist priest

Academic Record:
M.A. Ryukoku University, Shin Buddhist Studies
M.A. Doshisha University, School of Theology

Field of research:
History of Buddhist and Christian doctrines in modern Japan (How Buddhism has been transformed in modern Japan. How Christian theology and Western thought influenced Buddhism.)
Buddhism in Europe.
Japanese Comics and Religion.

‘A Problem of modern Shin Buddhist Studies – from the viewpoint of Barth’s criticism of liberal Protestant Theology’ (Pure Land, forthcoming issue)
‘Introduction to the Study of Religious Factor in Japanese Comics – The example of One Zero by Sato Shio,’ Japanese Religions Vol.28 No.2, 2003
“Encounter with the Nembutsu Way – Interviews with European Nembutsu Friends” Kyoto: Nagatabunshodo, 2001
‘Standing in the Middle of Chaos,’ Shin Buddhist No.1, 1993






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