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Lectures by acknowledged Scholars

Events Hosted by the NCC Study Center

Public lectures which provide objective information about religions in Japan

The NCC Study Center organizes public lectures to provide information about Japanese religions in an objective way. Themes include teaching and practice of religions in Japan in past and present (folk religion, Shinto, Buddhist schools, new religions, Christianity) as well as particular subjects such as religion and state, the Tenno system, ancestor veneration and funerals, medical ethics, interreligious dialogue, etc. The lecturers are scholars acknowledged in their field of expertise.

Annual Seminars to facilitate the interreligious encounters

The annual seminars are held at major Buddhist temples, Shinto shrines and headquarters of new religions. They include lectures on history, organization, teaching and practice, attendance of religious ceremonies, and interreligious encounters. Lecturers are representatives of the respective religion and/or scholars. The annual seminars have been organized since 1964 and cover a wide range of themes.

Occasional Lectures (in English)

Currently none are planned.

Lecture Series (in Japanese)

Currently none are planned.

Special Lectures Interreligious Studies in Japan Program (ISJP)

THEME: How to reach peace among religions? –
Interreligious dialogue according to "De Pace Fidei" by Nicolaus Cusanus

LECTURER: Prof. em. Dr. SONODA Tan, Kyoto and Ryukoku University
TIME: Friday, December 8, 2006: 15:00 – 17:00
PLACE: NCC Study Center, Kyoto
ADMISSION: ¥1.000 (students ¥500)
NOTE: Lecture in Japanese language

Annual Seminar The NCC Center’s Residential Seminar

Currently none is planned.
For past seminars see Seminar Archive.

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